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Twikit is a Belgian mass customization software company that creates superior 3D customization for brands and retailers.

Twikit is an early adopter of the D4 Print software, as it helps them save money on 3D production with the help of the nesting tools that are part of D4 Print.

Thanks to these nesting tools and the role of Dimension4 as a single point of contact for a global network of suppliers, Twikit was able to cut the time spent on production so they can focus more on providing superior 3D content.


ZETOFF is a fellow startup, active in the customization of smartphone cases and other consumer goods.

Thanks to the connection of their backend with the D4 Print web platform through our RESTful API, they have immediate access to whitelabel 3D production, over 150 materials and part finishes across the globe.

Our smart order dispatching algorithms ensure a good order flow among the production partners that ZETOFF has elected to work with.

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